6 Simple Practices

Hey Queen, my name is Jocelyn.

I am a feminine embodiment coach meaning I mentor women in deepening their love and connection to their bodies in a way that will allow them to be guided by the wisdom that comes from within. This builds trust and confidence within yourself, ease in your decisions, and a deeper sense of sensuality and pleasure in the mundane moments of life.

In this online series, I offer you simple ways to begin this connection to your body. You can easily integrate these practices into your life in a way that feels right for you.

You can download these videos and refer back to them as a resources whenever you need.

This is just a taste of the deeper work we will do together in my 1:1 coaching and further courses to come.


Introduction Practices to Becoming Embodied

This is a beginner course for women who want to become embodied in the feminine, exploring the depths of their feeling body.

The six practices in this series are:

1) Guided breath meditation

2) Breast massage

3) Dance to create energetic flow

4) Hip massage

5) Playing with the voice

6) Yoni massage

This course introduces women to their bodies in various ways, bringing them in touch with the deeper sensations within.

**Stay tuned for upcoming courses on going deeper into feminine practices exploring sensuality, pleasure, unconditional love, and trust.

Intro Course